Dr. Fadi Baradihi

Dr. Baradihi is an expert committed to helping the business community achieve abundance. With several decades of business experience in diverse industries and a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) coupled with his extensive coaching experience, Dr. Baradihi is perfectly suited to help businesses (and business owners) achieve sustainable success.

As a Certified Business Coach based in Michigan, Dr. Baradihi teaches business owners and executives how to bring out the best that they have in them and their business through education, mentoring, mindset, and accountability using a positivist approach. Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus, awareness, and increased options. At the end of the engagement, the business is in a position to run profitably with or without the client’s day-to-day involvement.

Coaching Framework

While, at the skeletal level, all business is the same, every business is different with its own opportunities, resources (human and physical), and goals. During the on-boarding process, the coaching approach is determined based on the variables that are unique to the business. However, in general, the coaching model used is described below:

  • Foundation: A strong business can only be built on a solid foundation. A solid business foundation is in which a business is clear about its short- and long-term goals, manages the right set of key performance indicators, and has clearly defined roles for its key people.
  • Advantage: Each business should differentiate itself base on its unique offering or capabilities, as a means to make competition less relevant and make its value proposition more attractive to the marketplace.
  • Operations: Building efficiencies by designing and optimizing business processes is a competitive advantage is tested, measured, and optimized properly.
  • People: Every business is only as good as its people. Starting with organizational structure the senior leadership team should constantly assess employee capabilities, culture, leadership structure and development, job descriptions, training, compensation and incentives, recruiting and assessment, in order to reach its potential.
  • Synergy: At this stage, all the above has been implemented and systems are put in place to synergistically continue to improve performance towards the organization’s goals.

In addition to the above, any unique opportunities specific to a certain client can be addressed during the on-boarding process.

Our Coaching Process

The first step in the coaching process is to schedule an on-boarding and strategy meeting. During that time, a business diagnostic is performed and the coach and client agree on the strategy moving forward. Then a weekly coaching meeting is scheduled; a client meeting is held on the same day and time each week. In addition, all clients are invited to three quarterly and one annual planning workshops.

The Economic Case for Coaching

The benefits of coaching will vary from business to business due to the nature of the engagement, the coach-ability of the client, and the availability of the needed resources. An article in the Autumn 2005 edition of the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, reported the results of a study titled “The Coaching Scorecard: a holistic approach to evaluating the benefits of business coaching.” He categorized the benefits as follows:

  • Enhanced skills, knowledge, and understanding in both job related skills and the ability to learn and develop self.
  • Improved behaviors with individuals and teams in all forms of relationships.
  • Business results such as improvements in performance, enhanced career progression, and resolution of specific problems or issues, to name a few.

A study that was published in the Journal of Industrial and Commercial Training (2006) reported the return on investment (ROI) of coaching is 700%. This outcome came from improvements in:

  • Teamwork
  • Team member satisfaction
  • Increased retention
  • Increased satisfaction and productivity

Reasons for Hiring Us

  1. Extensive business experience
  2. We have been in your shoes
  3. Education
  4. Client satisfaction
  5. Great attitude
  6. Business expert
  7. Willingness to generously share knowledge
  8. Accessibility
  9. Extensive network
  10. High expectations and accountability
  11. Together, we can accomplish exceptional results


To be the coach of choice for business owners looking to transform themselves and their business to achieve abundance in their personal and business life.


To be a coach renowned for being a credible expert, thought leader, strategist, change agent, motivator, and trusted advisor to the business community.