Michele Compton


Dr. Fadi has truly made my business the success it is today. He is capable of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the key players in your business, your business practices and financial situation and coming up with solutions. He has a keen understanding of every aspect of a business and is equally proficient in marketing/sales as he is in accounting/finance. I learn something new every time I am with him. If you would like to have an “angel” on your shoulder – a mentor who has your best interests in mind and gets results every time – you need Fadi.

Andrew Hoffman

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

I have known and worked with Fadi for more than ten years. My business had grown but I was consumed by the day to day details. Fadi has a unique ability to cut through the clutter and confusion in a clear way so that I am no longer dealing with crisis but starting to plan the continued growth of my business. If you feel that your business is running you and not growing, I would highly recommend that you work with Fadi.

Paul Fleck

President, Dataspeed Inc.

Dr. Baradihi is my business coach and I recommend that you discuss with him how he can help you make your business prosper and grow. I am glad I did, Fadi is my coach and his advice has helped me and my business immensely.

Loch McCabe

President/CEO, Shepherd Advisors

Dr. Fadi brings his business consulting clients like me a terrific combination of business acumen and experience, proven methods and structure, and a respectful–yet assertive –demeanor that works. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Fadi to any business owner wanting to manage their business, customers and team more successfully.

Karyn Kokeny

Business & Executive Coach / Workshop Facilitator / Public Speaker / Business Consultant

Fadi is someone I would recommend highly. In working with Fadi, he sees things clearly that others don’t readily see; he is able to quickly see through complex issues and simplify them. He has integrity, strong emotional intelligence, an abundance mentality, and is truly vested in the success of others. Fadi is someone to have on your team!

James Nichols


Working with Dr. Fadi is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Fadi understands that success in business starts with the correct mindset and personal growth, and his experience and incredible wisdom has not only transformed my business, but also impacted my personal life. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Fadi. In my opinion, every business owner needs a business coach.

Colleen Papa

Office Manager at Cutting Edge Embroidery and Design Studio

Dr. Fadi is truly an expert in his field. He understands how businesses work inside and out and can apply his knowledge to any business. He has helped our business grow immensely in the last year. It’s May right now and we’ve already done more business than we did in all of last year. Thank you Dr. Fadi.

Mitchell Lipton

Managing Principal at Mohr Partners

I use Dr. Fadi and can make a strong recommendation to anyone interested in elevating their business. Fadi has been an essential part of my decision making process and his advice has been invaluable. He really does get it! From managing personnel, to solving organizational problems, along with challenging you to up your game he’s head and shoulders better than anyone I have ever interacted with on a coaching level.

Jim Arnone

Vice President – Primetime Testing Laboratory

Dr. Fadi has been and continues to be a valuable asset to our company. His persistence in developing and implementing new sales processes and strategies has been instrumental in our corporate growth.

Donna Bromm

Industrial Food Ingredients Representative.

Dr. Fadi has helped me as a business owner not only to restructure but to gain a renewed interest in my endeavor.

Dr. Fadi is knowledgeable in structuring and coaching change for success.

After being in business for over 20 years, Dr. Fadi’s professional knowledge and coaching style has helped me find a new attitude being productive, successful and a restored enthusiasm for running my business.

Caston Thomas

The Chuck Norris of Securing & Managing Mobile Technology

It’s a special talent to be able to get to the root cause of a problem or to be able to pinpoint the critical components that can open a new opportunity. Fadi has an innate ability to move things forward and to build momentum once the ball is rolling. Not only does Fadi know what makes an organization tick, both operationally and financially, but he uses his ability to communicate effectively to everyone’s advantage. I would give him my highest recommendation as a business advisor.

Phil Kanaby

CEO at Coupon Wallet

We hired Dr. Fadi Baradihi as a consultant to improve our entire sales process from end-to-end. Fadi has done a magnificent job improving not only our sales process, but also our product & service as well. We will continue to work with Fadi and benefit from his expert advice.

Joseph Coraci

Attorney at Estate Planning Solutions, PLLC

I worked with Fadi several years ago and always respected him as a charismatic leader who produced results. Fadi’s employees were loyal to him and worked very hard because they embraced the vision he laid out for them.

I hadn’t seen Fadi for a few years until recently when I attended one of his Action Coach sessions. Fadi was born to be a business coach…. He makes you think about things differently and does a great job of asking the tough questions if necessary. You will leave one of his sessions with a greater understanding of leadership and team building and how to run a successful business in general.

There isn’t a business owner out there (or someone thinking of starting a business) whether extremely successful or struggling, that wouldn’t benefit from Fadi’s knowledge and insight.

If Fadi invites you to one of his sessions, I suggest you do yourself a favor and attend.

Christopher Papa

Chief Marketing Officer at Coupon Wallet

Dr. Fadi is an extremely knowledgeable business professional who literally wrote his dissertation on business sustainability. He knows what is necessary to make a business operate not only properly, but efficiently. His advice is extremely invaluable and his efforts are to help you understand, develop, and optimize your business model. It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is how you make your money, and Fadi can definitely help you with that. I have recommended him to other businesses before, and will continue to do so in the future. This is because I believe he says things that every business needs to hear. If you are a business owner, I highly recommend meeting with Dr. Fadi Baradihi.

Kenneth Wend

General Manager at Primetime Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Dr. Fadi Baradihi has been influential in so many areas of Primetime Testing bringing a vast knowledge of business strategies and models to assist in our future growth. He has worked alongside management to focus in on who we are and what makes us successful while concurrently improving the internal culture of our company. I recommend Dr. Baradihi to any company, owner, or manager that needs a neutral outside look at their operations; your business will never be the same!